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Using LinkedIn Groups for Web Development Jobs

If you’ve chosen to be a web designer or web developer for your career, did you know that LinkedIn can help you secure new clients and/or jobs? LinkedIn also has a very useful feature called LinkedIn Groups, where you can meet, converse and respond to web design and web development questions.
LinkedIn is a very beneficial, professional business tool where social media is concerned. Additionally, the Group features can bring out even more benefits. Here are some reasons to get connected with LinkedIn Groups:

1. Networking with other professional web designers and web developers:
Below are a few examples of web development and design groups on LinkedIn and the topics they’re discussing:

– Web Design and Development in the 21st Century: This group is specifically for professionals in the web design and development industry to collaborate their experiences, ideas, and suggestions. It is also a place where jobs can be found and posted. Anyone interested in design, development, SEO, hosting, Flash, 3D, PHP, Java, etc. are welcome.

– Group for Web Designers, Developers, and SEO: A great place for professionals to come and share ideas and experiences, and you can find job postings.

– Web Site Development: This group is great for asking webmaster related questions or to offer suggestions in the following areas: Web site programming and design (i.e. web site design, multimedia and graphics, reviews, software tools, programming, flash, security, administration, databases, etc.)

– Women in New Media: This group is another great one where you can share professional opinions about internet and intranet development, online journalism, graphic arts and information architecture.

2. Networking with local-area residents: Even though, as a web designer and developer, most work is conducted through the Internet, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only the Internet contacts. Your community also needs designers and developers and LinkedIn Community Groups will help you to find those who need help in your area. Some examples of these groups located in Buffalo, NY are:

– Buffalo Technology Networking Group: A group for Buffalo, NY residents to converse and share information related to information technology.

– Buffalo Social Media Club: a professional group dedicated to the development and organization of social media enthusiasts living in or near Buffalo.

– Advertising Club of Buffalo: Any people living in Buffalo with an interest or professional orientation in Advertising can join this group.

– Buffalo NY Jobs Group: This group focuses on job opportunities located in Buffalo, NY and in surrounding areas. Their focus is in areas of accounting, finance, supply chain management, IT-related, engineering, health care, executive management and plant operations.

3. Networking with past and current colleagues: A ton of universities and colleges have groups on LinkedIn and some high schools have made a group too. Here are some examples of those groups:

– Canisius High School Alumni Group: This is a Roman Catholic Jesuit private high school for males only. It is located at 1180 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY and was founded in 1870. All current, alumni and faculty are allowed to join.

– Caltech Alumni Association: This group is a worldwide network for graduate of the California Institute of Technology. Located in Pasadena, California.

There are several ways to find groups:

– Using the “groups you may like” feature
– Using the Groups Directory
– Through a Keyword Search

If you’re not sure whether or not a group will benefit you, it’s always worth a shot to join and see what develops. If it becomes something that you weren’t looking for, there are no obligations and you can leave the group at any time. However, LinkedIn Groups are a beneficial tool once you find one or several that are related to your field of work.

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